Solutions for Office, hybrid and wfh


The ErgoSuite platform is a highly customizable solution providing a very low-cost high-impact step of continuous improvement.  ErgoSuite enables our clients to extend their Health & Safety Net protecting their traditional offices to their teleworkers’ home-based offices.

ErgoSuite embodies evidence-based innovations invented and patented by SmartErgo’s team over many years under the guidance of a world class Ergonomics Advisory Board comprised of the world’s top experts in Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Responding to formidable challenges risk managers are facing with employees, SmartErgo delivers this sustainable scalable solution with a solid track-record of improving ergonomic behaviors of computer users either working in traditional facilities or telecommuting from home-based offices

Employers across the globe have entrusted SmartErgo for decades to empower and safeguard their employees, support risk management and comply with regulatory obligations. 

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