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Identify and mitigate unseen remote risks, empower and protect your Work From Home employees

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ErgoSuite is a comprehensive risk-based office ergonomics platform which employers leverage to improve comfort, safety, wellbeing and productivity.  

Simple to implement, clients can be up and running immediately with any combination of the ErgoSuite tools they require today.  More complex requirements are facilitated where implementation timing meets client needs.

Quantifiable and measurable improvement is uniquely driven through empowering employees so they can share in the responsibility for wellbeing, safe and productive work on their computer at the office or telecommuting from home offices. 

Engineered as a scalable mission-reliable solution, ErgoSuite’s powerful easy-to-use employee and management toolsets were carefully designed to drive value for any size employer.

Office Ergonomics Software For Office & Home-based employees

"It can be elegantly simple. What if you had someone who will personally visit with each and every employee in their home today, teach them key actionable basics of computer ergonomics, help them assess and tune-up their at-home work area and personally coach them to automatically move about and stretch periodically while they work, without having to think about it?  That's part of leveraging ErgoSuite. In our experience, beyond the requisite core safety ROI, the impact on comfort and stress is palpable, impressive and comes at a time when our employees need it most."   M.D., Global EH&S

Office Ergonomics

for employees – Web and/or Desktop Based TOOLS
use everything or just what you require

Office Ergonomics Training For Office and Home-Based Employees

Action-based and self-paced elearning assists employees with properly setting up or tuning up their workstation at the office or at home during knowledge transfer. Focuses on office ergonomics basics, workstation setup, keying, mousing, pacing, microbreaks, neutral postures, lighting, workplace organization, reach zones and more... Includes the comprehensive ErgoTutor Home Office Setup Checklist with instruction. Available within ErgoSuite or as a plug-in for your Learning Management System (LMS).

Self-Assessment - Physical, Behavioral and Psychosocial Ergonomics

Employees perform self-assessments and receive a personalized report including a checklist of corrective actions if needed. You can offer unlimited different self-assessments via models, use the default or add your own. Simplify and streamline the self-assessment process, centralizing the resulting consistently-structured data for reporting, analysis and follow-up. Includes Risk Scoring, EHS Notifications. ErgoSuite's Psychosocial Ergonomics tools are based, in part, on the global standard COPSOQ III (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) which identifies, locates and measures psychosocial risk factors and stress and facilitates the planning and implementation of improvement measures.

Real-time Behavioral Coaching

ErgoSuite Coach, helping people improve their behaviors since 2000, embodies the very best of Applied Behavioral Analysis and Operant Conditioning to help employees learn to make good ergonomic behaviors automatic. Our patented methods observe activity and recovery time in order to personally coach users precisely when needed to prevent tissue damage and help make neutral postures, micro-breaks and stretching all automatic behaviors for optimal employee safety and wellness. It gently reinforces the desired employee behaviors. This intelligent tool is the glue that binds together the empowering value of the platform for a sustainable solution.

General Assessment Surveys

Gather useful and important metrics including work-use versus home-use, equipment, computer and input devices, type of work done, computer skills, and more.. Used on it's own or as a user profile setup to further personalize the behavioral coaching tools.

Postural Self-Assessments

Utilizing RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) to inform & educate employees about their posture at their computer, identify current potential risks and offers customizable personalized feedback and improvement suggestions. Utilizes a series of very simple pages covering each part of the body as it relates to computer use.

High Definition Stretching Videos

Orthopedically designed HD videos clearly demonstrate proper stretching by culturally diverse live coaches in casual business attire. Engineered to be extremely lightweight on networks, easily followed in real time. Beyond guided stretching, they regularly reinforce all of the information from the ErgoTutor eLearning course including neutral posture, workstation setup and tune up, lighting, nutrition, etc...

Discomfort Assessments

Give employees an easily-available opportunity to share non-reportable small issues early before they become complex costly injuries. This identifies pre-injury discomfort to EHS staff where they might not otherwise be aware of it. The entire process of initiating a Discomfort Assessment takes an employee literally just seconds.

Ergonomic Assistance Requests

Employees can easily and intuitively request EHS assistance to resolve more complex ergonomic issues through interactions with your professionals. Automatic assignment and notification of the appropriate professional (a Responder) and oversight (an Overseer). These can automatically open a Managed Case. Document the request and resulting action(s). Close out the related Managed Case or establish follow-up actions. Manage and customize all aspects through your menu-driven Management Console.

Return To Work Tools

Assist employees returning to work after medical absences through specialized and personalized help with adhering to prescriptive usage orders from their medical practitioners. Protects your employees and your organization through enabling Maximum Risk Exposure Guidelines (“MREGs“) to be effectively socialized and enforced wherever needed.

Personal Ergonomics Dashboard and Portal

A web-based option for employees where you can offer ErgoSuite’s trusted office ergonomics tools including self-assessment, ErgoTutor Office Ergonomics Training and other front-line tools without requiring a desktop installation for the point-of-use behavioral coaching tools.

Ergonomics Resource Library

A reference tool where employees can find helpful videos, presentations, documents and any other media useful in managing their workstation ergonomics. For example, add links to specific online furniture setup video guides from manufacturers, links to any internal resources within your organization and much more. Curated by EHS professionals within your organization, no limit to the contents.

QuickStart Guide

Easily customizable, this tool provides the initial starting point for employees upon deployment and becomes a handy reference guide for using any of the platform's tools afterwards. Here's a simple resource designed for the busy employee who doesn’t have much time. Everything required to get started and to gain the most benefit from ErgoSuite is included.


Stretching During Work


Role-based Centralized Management

Meticulously designed to serve any sized company with many locations including a growing number of telecommuters. Role-based Administration manages how Administrators are defined and endowed with authority, employee responsibilities and permissions. Upon securely logging in, they're presented with as much of the employee population, services and tools as their responsibilities require.

Reporting, Tracking and Analysis

Many types of reports and analyses are available. Tabular reports, complex reports and a wide assortment of charts are available where all of the characteristics of any report, analysis and chart can be customized. All reports and analyses can easily be scheduled for automatic delivery on a regular basis or when triggered by any events. Analysis classes provide for quite complex reporting requirements, research and analysis where you can specify any combination of the 400+ risk metrics available in ErgoSuite’s Data Warehouse.

Professional Assessment Models

Powerful tools (e.g. iPad, Surface, Android, Notebooks, etc…) for EHS to use when performing any type of workstation assessments. Helps simplify and streamline the workstation assessment process, centralizing the resulting consistently-structured information within ErgoSuite for reporting, analysis and follow-up. Unlimited models enable you to load your own checklists and processes. Produces professional reports which are easily understandable by employees.

Key Performance Indicators

Clear effective management and reporting of organizational goals through metrics indicating progress made toward goals. Establish monthly KPIs for the entire Enterprise and/or for any Business Units, Departments or Locations assigned to Administrators, Managers, or Team Leads.

Case Management, User Feedback

Supports the Ergonomic Process through a facility to maintain records of interactions and interventions with employees. Collaborate with any number of colleagues supporting the interaction or intervention. Options include action scheduling and follow-up, employee satisfaction surveys which can automatically re-open or close cases, document attachment and much more.

Invitation and Communication Management

Powerful tools enable you to manage and automate email invitations used for introducing the platform and automatically following up with employees. Enjoy complete customization of the emails, subject, body with full HTML content for text and images. All communications are automatically saved for records. Emails can be issued by processes responding to events or thresholds adhered to or exceeded.

Risk Analysis, Management, Trend Modeling

Throughout the risk-based platform, risk is managed through ErgoSuite’s unique Risk-based Logic Engine using flexible Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis. Measure and report on the Riskscape of your organization over time, today as well as utilize trend analysis to indicate future directions.

Event Notifications and Risk Notifications

EHS, Risk Management and Managers can automatically be notified of events or circumstances as they occur or as metrics thresholds are adhered to or exceeded.

Centralized User Policy Management

Completely menu-driven remote management and control of employee settings and user experience which can be designated by Department, Location, Individuals or by any Grouping.


Wherever Your Employees Are,

You Can

platform: 25+ Years experience Updated yearly


For Today's Knowledge Worker

Covering Office and Home-Based Employees, Kiosk Workstations, Virtual Terminals, Hot Desking, Sit-Stand Work Surfaces, Notebooks, Tablets, Phones, Multiple Monitors, Travelers and more...


SaaS Secure Cloud or Your Local Server

Choose SmartErgo’s Secure Cloud Hosted Solution or install on your own internal server within Your Fortress where ErgoSuite will be entirely located.


Straightforward To Implement and Deploy

Successful models are available and flexible for unique client requirements. Full implementation assistance included at no additional cost.


Affordable For Organizations of Any Size

Average cost of ownership is pennies per employee day initially and drops to a fraction of that afterwards.


Customization For Every Tool Available

Most customization is included at no added cost within our commitment to exceed client expectations at every turn. For high complexity requests, we'll scope and quote the work for you.


Personalized Service and Support

You will have a dedicated proactive Personal Account Success Manager who knows you, your needs, requirements - and actually cares.


Ergonomics Regulatory Compliance, GDPR Ready

Maintain compliance with every ergonomic regulation around the globe including GDPR provisions for platform users.


Scalability Through Any Number of Employees

Painstaking attention to detail has been allocated to efficiency and optimizing performance to enable substantial deployments.


Advanced Risk Modeling Engine

The data-driven Risk Modeling Engine was designed to help clients with limited EHS resources in order to focus attention on where they're most needed.


Secure Document Management

Maintain a centralized full Repository of Documents (library) created or uploaded during interactions and interventions with employees.


Measurable ROI Within First Year

Independent university research has evaluated and confirmed complete return on investment, with complete use, well within the first year of ownership.


Quantify, Measure and Manage Risk

Quantify risk, measure it, improve it's profile and manage any of the 400+ ergonomics metrics within the Data Warehouse.


office and home office:
Empower employees enabling them to
share in the responsibility for healthy computing

Employees, Identify Risk and Accumulate Metrics
Using Action-based Interactive Modules
Workstation Setup, Neutral Posture, Pacing & Movement
Using Personalized and Effective Reinforcement
A Safe and Productive Work Environment

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Call us at 888-306-0303 or email us at info@SmartErgo.Com or use this form for a prompt response.

You can call us at 888-306-0303 or email us at info@SmartErgo.Com or use this form for a prompt response.