Quantifiable measurable results are of great significance to our clients. They seriously care about the physical and mental health of their employees, measure their bottom line and are active in cost containment measures.

For more than 25 years, our experienced team at SmartErgo has accumulated a wealth of unique experience working in close partnership with clients who have successfully implemented our solutions for reducing knowledge worker injuries and increasing productivity.

At a high-level view, the following are distinct areas which have been found to be of high value when measured by clients and have been published:

home-based telecommuter Empowerment and support

Responding to formidable challenges risk managers face with telecommuters, SmartErgo delivers a sustainable scalable solution with a solid track-record of improving ergonomic behaviors of computer users either working in traditional facilities or working remotely in home offices.

Computer-related Injury and cost of injury Reduction

Substantial reductions in computer-related injuries have been achieved along with equally significant reductions of injury costs. Clients have reported sustainable significant reductions in computer-related injury rates by up to 80%.

Cost Savings on Insurance and Healthcare

Reducing injuries directly results in reducing Workers Compensation insurance programs for employers as well as savings on the healthcare and benefits side where many injuries are often treated in lieu of the Workers Compensation system. Clients have reported Workers Compensation savings of up to 35%.

Compliance with Regulations and Laws Directly Covering Computer Users

In the United States, ErgoSuite is helping employers be in compliance with California’s Ergonomics Regulations. In Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and South Africa, ErgoSuite is helping employers be in compliance with regulations which today exist in more than 30 countries.

Performance Enhancement

Sustainable accuracy improvements have been measured at about 60% for computer user groups at clients. This results in a measurable full Return On Investment (“ROI”) of the platform within the first year on this value alone. It’s quite simple. When an employee fatigues at a slower rate, they produce more output at a higher quality.

Boosting employee value proposition

Our enterprise-wide clients in the Fortune 100 as well as much smaller organizations report nearly 100% employee satisfaction with ErgoSuite. Countless testimonies from employees to management are reported regarding immediate and lasting positive health impacts.

In addition to the above high-level topic areas, clients tell us that they trust and rely on their ErgoSuite for a variety of reasons:

What do Ergosuite users say?