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June 2024: Exploring the Necessity of Movement and Stretching During Computer Work

Seasoned safety professionals are aware of the many studies confirming how microbreaks are crucial in providing a safety net of mitigation enabling recovery during work. This pacing enables our bodies to naturally repair micro-traumas as we work, reduce inflammation and provide metabolic recovery time increasing blood circulation, oxygenation of cells, delivery of nutrients to tissues.

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May 2024: Implementing Knowledge Worker EHS Strategies Cost-effectively

Assisting office, remote and hybrid employees to shed unhealthy high-risk ergonomic behaviors can be challenging – while at the same time is vital to prevent, beyond injuries, unnecessary financial loss from avoidable risk exposures. So where does a safety professional begin in 2024 when the budget is tight or non-existent? Seasoned safety professionals know that…

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April 2024: CVS/DES Impacts and Mitigation in 2024

Much of our days, we use screens of all sizes for work, shopping, finances, entertainment and more which improves the quality of our lives and provides us with opportunity. Screen use has been steadily building over decades. Clearly, as is often the case with most tools, there are safe and unsafe ways to work with them.

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March 2024: Mitigating The Health and Safety Impacts of Knowledge Worker Stress

The chances are quite high that you’re already navigating the highly stressful experience of your company laying off workers but this new stressor is only joining a growing list of stressors employees have been dealing with over recent years. Chronic stress inflicts many impacts on employees, management, processes, collaboration and of course the bottom line – so how do invested safety professionals leverage Global Ergonomics Best Practices to help employees learn to cope and manage it more healthfully?

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February 2024: I Sing The Body Electric

Although computers are an integral part of our daily lives, transforming how we work, communicate, and entertain ourselves, it’s become well-understood how the dangerous endemic rise in sedentary behavior and prolonged static postures harms our bodies. Many studies over the years have confirmed these prolonged periods of sitting and repetitive motions have significant adverse effects on our health, well-being and productivity.

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