Case Studies

Case studies

Over the decades, many case studies have been conducted using ErgoSuite and it’s predecessor versions with the results being consistently delivered.  We’ve included several of them here as emblematic of the solid effects of Office Ergonomics in the computerized workplace:

Case Study – 363,326,775 Observations

Yet another extensive research project is presented, specifically analyzing 363,326,775 keystrokes and mousing seconds belonging to a large population of employees. Here is live data underlying an ErgoSuite chart analyzing seven month’s usage of ErgoSuite’s Employee Tools by a large population including a diverse spectrum of job functions:

Above, we’re looking at an actual ErgoSuite Enterprise chart where we’ve chosen to view Trend Lines (Least Squares Linear Regression) which model live underlying data. Used throughout data analysis and in mathematics, these lines represent the actual underlying data’s movement over time. Of course, raw data is never as smooth as the trend lines because it ebbs and flows over time traversing seasonality such as reduced activity during holidays, however, the trend is clear and reliable. Linear regression is an invaluable tool widely used for modeling trends from complex data sets. Within this graphical report: